lipstick kissDo I have your attention?  I hope so.  I’m desperate to connect with you.

I was recently trying to reach out to congregations with less than 100 members for a possible cross-pollination learning experience. (By the way that represents 549 congregations, which is almost half of our entire Association.) I used the contact email listed in the database, which is given every year during certification time. I waited in giddy anticipation.

What happened made me reach for the tissues.  Over half of that half bounced back.  My heart deflated.  I spent an hour searching websites trying to find a contact that worked.  Many listed failing contact information on their websites.  Many websites listed no contact information at all.  How is this possible?

Please go check and see if this was your congregation.  Run, don’t walk, to the congregational search on the UUA website.  Is your information current?  If so, find some (fair trade, organic) chocolate and celebrate.

If not, find out who in your congregation is in charge of updating information and gently nudge and perhaps some chocolate as a reward. The online system for annual certification of membership for UUA congregations is now open. All congregations are required to log in to their online accounts and submit this report before the deadline on Mon., Feb. 3 at 5 p.m. Pacific Time. Congregations must submit their certified number of members and financial statistics from their recently-ended fiscal year, including total operating expenditures. Learn more and review the certification process online, or contact with questions.

Keeping your information updated is part of each congregation’s responsibility as a member in our Association.  Staying connected is a big part of our congregational polity — not “you can’t tell me what to do” or “bugger off.”  But rather radical interdependence and responsible communication.  We show our love by showing up.

Responsible associational interdependence is incredibly sexy.  Synonyms of sexy according the dictionary provocative, attractive, desirable, tempting.  Yes, do that.



tk in snow on Common 0114Rev. Tandi Rogers day dreams of Average Sunday Attendance numbers and makes colorful graphs of them for fun.





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  1. Mary Bowman-Kruhm

    You say you want to connect with us but I have made several comments that never appear and e-mailing any of the UUA blog contributors seems almost impossible. Any ideas?

    • Mark Bernstein

      Mary, As one of the UUA blog contributors, I’m concerned that your comments sometimes don’t appear. This one did. I can’t see it being an issue on our end. Tandi’s middle name, in particular, is “connect”.

      • Mary Bowman-Kruhm

        Thanks for reply, Mark. I have heard you speak at JPD and also at GA–great talks. Re comment not appearing. I tried from iPad and then from Big Mac so don’t know what problem was. Hopefully, a fluke. I had thought comments were moderated but then they never appeared so thought they were closed. Glad this one went thru. As Social Justice chair, I sometimes feel isolated enough! 🙂

        • Tandi Rogers

          Mary, that must be very frustrating! I’m asking our IT about it. These two comments are the only ones that have come through from you that I can see. Hm… I will try to make sure it’s not our end. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Feel free to pop me an email ( to find other ways to connect.


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