Growth kitStefan Jonasson and I handed out Growth Kits at this General Assembly.   Little envelopes that said:

2013 Growth Kit

Change your script,

change your story.


A growing congregation is a learning congregation. Nothing dampens innovation more than “We’ve always done it that way.”

Try instead to say, “I tried that before and this is what I learned. Perhaps it will work this time. How can I be supportive?” It is better for everyone’s spirit, including your own.  Be kind and encouraging with each other!  Hold hands when taking leaps of faith!

On the inside of the envelope is a button.


And on the back of the envelope is a warning:

Warning: enclosed is a pin that could cause revolution within your community.

May you take the spirit of the Growth Kit into your congregational leadership and lead a revolution of spiritual generosity, making way for innovation and experimentation!



Tandi Feb 2012Tandi Rogers will admit that she used to say, “But we’ve always done it that (my) way.”  And she wants you to know that there is hope for learning a new way and surrendering to new leadership styles and visions.


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  1. Derrick Christopher Mustelier

    Is there any way for congregations to “order” these Growth Kits? 🙂

  2. Imari Kariotis

    I’d like a few of these who do we speak with about it.


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