Our purpose is strategic mobilization of resources, purpose, and partnerships to grow current and future Unitarian Universalist congregations and beyond.

Rev. Stefan Jonasson, Director of Growth Strategies

sjonasson [at] uua.org / 204-889-4746

Whenever I wonder whether all our efforts to create liberal religious communities really matter, I think of the fascinating stories of countless individuals whose paths have crossed mine and I find myself compelled to say that Unitarian Universalism and its ministry of kindness and hope offers salvation to longing, sometimes broken spirits who stumble along in this ever-changing and sometimes dangerous world in which we live.  Growth happens one person at a time.

I have been Director of Growth Strategies since 2011, having previously served the Unitarian Universalist Association as Director for Large Congregations and District Executive for Western Canada. In my 21st year at the UUA, I feel like I’ve finally “grown up!”  I’m an ordained minister by vocation, but a historian and folklorist by avocation … and I often manage to sneak in something about Iceland during conversations. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where my family has deep roots. My wife and I are the proud parents of two adult daughters.

 Rev Tandi clappingRev. Tandi Rogers, Growth Strategy Specialist

trogers [at] uua.org/ 253-278-4646

I am an evangelical Unitarian Universalist, because when I open up a newspaper in the morning I think, “If only <insert random politician’s name here> had taken Our Whole Lives, we wouldn’t be in this mess.” And while you might think I’m making a sexual joke, I’m actually being very serious.  OWL teaches consensus, respect, power dynamics, self-discipline, responsibility, what it means to be a community member… I believe OWL can change the world.  I believe our Unitarian Universalist religious communities saves lives.  They have saved my life over and over again.

When I am not inviting random people on the bus and at the store to a UU congregation, I am your full time Growth Strategist. Prior to that I served the UUA in the Pacific Northwest for 10 years as their Program Specialist.  I am a Credentialed Religious Educator, master level.  Institutional ministry is my Call, and religious educator is my core orientation.  As the mother of 3 boys (ages 5, 17, and 19) ministry to and with families is extremely important to me.


Stefan and Tandi