Last week I introduced some numbers from a high balcony.  Let’s break down those numbers into regions.

2015 UUA cong by region

And now membership by regions…

2015 UUA membership by region


Is this what you expected? Anything surprise you?


Next week I’ll show you some growth trends…



Tandi Feb 2012Rev. Tandi Rogers spends about an eighth of her job researching and analyzing data on behalf of the UUA Board, Leadership Council, and Congregational Life staff.  She also serves on the Faith Communities Today interfaith consortium of religious data geeks.

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  1. carlgregg

    Loving this series of posts. And glad you have energy around data-crunching because the results are fascinating.

  2. Chris Barghout

    Adding the 5 regional total numbers together, I got 149,875 for 2015 membership. 2014 numbers published by UUA state 158,186. That’s over 8000 people lost in a year or about 5%. Am I missing something here or are we loosing members quite rapidly?

    • Tandi Rogers

      We are losing a large segment of congregations. And we’re growing in others, particularly in the South. We’ll look at those numbers in coming Fridays…

      • Janet

        We are losing a large segment (Edited: of adult members in various regions and sizes of) congregations? I look forward to knowing more.


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