Mission peak jeremy candleCongratulations to the Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation (Fremont, CA), for being the newest UUA Breakthrough Congregation! Each year the UUA’s Congregational Life Office recognizes a handful of congregations that have “broken through” barriers to achieve exemplary goals.

UUFCO is highlighted in the current edition of the UUWorld, as well as the 2016 fall print edition. The following study guide is intended to accompany the article about the  congregation. We hope that this enables lively discussions for your congregational leaders.


Questions for Discussion and Deeper Study


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Mission Peak Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Fremont, California, attributes much of its success to a willingness to try new things.


  • What are some of the “new things” that have been tried in the last few years in your congregation?
  • Do you think of your congregation as a place where it is safe to fail?
  • Congregational Life Staff in one of our regions has coined the term “experifail.” Has your congregation had some “experifails?” What did you learn?


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Mission Peak has a history of being involved with and supported by programs and services of the Unitarian Universalist Association. One such program, Leap of Faith, provided mentoring from another congregation.


  • How does your congregation intentionally stay connected with our Unitarian Universalist Association and other congregations?
  • What are some new ways you might find to deepen your congregation’s collaboration with other Unitarian Universalists?


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A former minister, the Rev. Chris Schriner, refers to the “good vibes” between people of different theologies.


  • What are the ways different theologies are acknowledged, welcomed and explored in your congregation?
  • What other differences are notably welcomed?
  • What intentional ways have you learned to engage in dialogue across differences?


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The Rev. Jeremy Nickel stresses the importance of opportunities to live our values.


  • When there is behavior in the congregation that is not consistent with our values, does your congregation have processes for calling people back into right relationship?
  • What are some of the ways members of your congregation are supported in living out our values in the larger world?
  • Are there ways for members of your congregation to act together in the world?


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Rev. Jan Christian serves as Congregational Life Staff in the Pacific Western Region of the UUA.



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